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   How does Quick-Type work?
   Which programs does Quick-Type work with?
   Will Quick-Type work on my computer?
   Do you have an affiliate program?
   Can I buy a copy of Quick-Type on CD-ROM?
   I've got another question. Who do I ask?

Q. How does Quick-Type work?

A. Quick-Type helps automate your typing. You begin by setting up certain keywords, which are linked to chunks of texts that you commonly type. Then you leave Quick-Type to run in the background and continue typing as normal.

Whenever you type one of the keywords you setup, Quick-Type will automatically replace it with your text... saving you HOURS of typing each day. And there's no limit to the number of special keywords you can create.

Quick-Type also supports hotkeys, so you can use special key combinations to insert text.

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Q. Which programs does Quick-Type work with?

A. Quick-Type works with ALL programs. You can type your keyword into anything... from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Word to MSN Messenger. Just type your keyword and Quick-Type will replace it with your text.

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Q. Will Quick-Type work on my computer?

A. Almost certainly! Quick-Type works on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. That covers almost all home computers. Please note that Quick-Type does not work on the Mac and has limited functionality in Windows 95.

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Q. Do you have an affiliate program?

A. We certainly do! You can earn a whopping 40% back on EVERY SINGLE copy of Quick-Type sold through your special affiliate link. Want to learn more? Click HERE!

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Q. Can I buy a copy of Quick-Type on CD-ROM?

A. Certainly! We'll ship a professionally-pressed Quick-Type CD-ROM to anywhere in the world, with 100% FREE shipping and handling, for JUST $29.97 - when you order BEFORE midnight, Monday, February 4th 2019.

PLUS we'll also e-mail you instant download links, so you can get started with the full version of Quick-Type right away.

Interested? Click HERE to purchase Quick-Type on CD-ROM!

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Q. I've got another question. Who do I ask?

A. The Quick-Type team are always available to answer any extra queries you may have. Simply contact us via our dedicated support site, We promise to respond to all queries within one business day, however our typical response rate is just four hours.

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