Screenshots of Quick-Type - Improve Typing Speed

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Alternatively, here are a few screenshots to demonstrate how it all works.


Decide on the text you type again and again -- such as signatures, letters, responses to support questions -- and enter them into the easy Quick-Type program. For each chunk of text, you assign a special keyword, such as "bye1" or "svrq". You can also assign hotkeys to text, such as CTRL + 1.


Once you've setup Quick-Type, you don't need to do anything else. Just continue as normal...
Quick-Type will continue running quietly in the background.


When you need to type the text you've setup previously, just type your keyword, such as "bye1" or "svrq". Quick-Type will automatically detect this and replace it with your own text. If you've assigned a hotkey, pressing your keys will also insert the text. You can save yourself HOURS each and EVERY day
 - it's EASY with Quick-Type!

Want to learn more? Click HERE to view our movie, or click HERE to download your trial version today!

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